From Wheel Chair Hoists to Vehicle Hoists, let us get you off the ground safely.

If you have Hoists, Tyre machines, Garage Equipment and beyond… then we truly are the BOSS!
We have everything you could ever need, and offer a wide range of products and services. So if you need anything as listed, then we have you covered. Just call… it’s that simple when you deal with Boss Hoist Engineers.
  • Vehicle Hoists service and repairs, all make and models.
  • Mobility Hoists (wheelchair hoists) service and repairs.
  • Safety and compliance audits and certification to NZ standard.
  • Hoist installation and relocation.
  • Lift pads for all makes and models.
  • Tyre machine servicing and repair.
  • Hydraulic jack service and repairs.
  • Welding and machine part repairs.
  • Electrical fault finding in systems.
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Hydraulic jacks and all garage equipment imaginable.  
  • Click the link, we are an official Wayco Equipment and KC Tools wholesaler.  
  • If it goes clunk, screams, grinds, bangs, hisses or leaks… you need us!

Professional vehicle hoist maintenance 

Don’t risk a dodgy hoist system when you’re working on your car! Badly designed or maintained hoists can be a real death trap, or you could risk dropping your prized engine right into the centre of your car, or onto the floor. Book your vehicle hoist system in for a maintenance check-up today to prevent any accidental mishaps. Our team will diagnose and rectify any faults or failings present in your hoists system, certifying its safe and secure operation capabilities.

Service and safety compliance audits 

Let us have a look over your Equipment and Hoists. Our team of mechanics will evaluate and expertly inspect your equipment before writing up an audit in little to no time, and certify its credibility, reliability and proficiency at carrying out its designed task.

Hoists must be regularly serviced and maintained as defined in the New Zealand Safety Standards (AS 2549). So if you want to protect yourself and those around you, then we are the only way to go. 

Hoist and relocations 

We can install and relocate most makes and models of Vehicle Hoists in and around the Greater Auckland area. Please don’t hesitate to give us the opportunity to be at your service.

Tyre Changes & General Garage Equipment Servicing

Is your equipment hissing air, leaking oil, falling apart, or generally in need of attention?

Our service and repair team are fully qualified and capable of all kinds of general garage equipment servicing, inspecting and identifying faults, before they cost you money or hassle in the long run. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Hydraulic jacks 

Need a jack to get up and under your car easily? 

Check out our range from Wayco Equipment today. We have a wide range of hydraulic jacks for sale. From small to large we have the lot. Check out the ever popular Super Low Jack. They are well proven, and there are thousands of them out there. They are great for low cars and for general garage work.
hydraulic jacks
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